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The Buchheit Family of Companies 

From the Client:

Buchheit is pleased to extend our support by providing a letter of reference for The Wright Group, our esteemed marketing partner for over a decade.

As a family-owned business at Buchheit, we must adhere to our policy of not disclosing specific financial figures. Instead, we are more than willing to showcase our collaborative success in terms of percentage increases and more general terms. Should you require further clarification or have specific inquiries, I am available for a call at your convenience.

Allow us to offer an overview of our longstanding partnership, commencing in 2012 when Buchheit Enterprise outlined several strategic initiatives:

Carriage House Premier Cabinets:

Our proprietary premier kitchen and bath cabinet line, Carriage House Premier Cabinets, was re-branded and refreshed by The Wright Group. The re-branding effort, inclusive of in-store signage, instructional videos, and collateral materials, resulted in an impressive 50% increase in sales within the first year. Presently, the cabinet line has expanded nationwide through our retail stores and a network of dedicated distributors. Our collaboration has seen substantial growth, with a cumulative increase of 400%+.

Creative Execution


Horizon Acres Feed Brand:

The Wright Group played a pivotal role in developing our proprietary feed brand, Horizon Acres, covering poultry, equine, cattle, and bird seed mixes. The brand’s identity, sales promotions, end-cap displays, and couponing strategies successfully launched our poultry line, has helped us more than double our sales over the past decade. Originally intended for our retail stores, Horizon Acres products are now available through prominent distribution channels.


Duralawn Premium Lawn Seed:

Duralawn, a proprietary premium lawn seed line for our retail stores, has evolved significantly under The Wright Group’s guidance. Initially launched in larger packaging, Duralawn has outperformed expectations, notably outselling a prominent national brand 2 to 1 in a side-by-side end-cap display. The brand’s success has led to expanded distribution and various product offerings.



How we moved the needle for a logistics giant.

Rebranding a family-owned business, respected for over 80 years.

In the heartland of commerce, where time weaves tales of endurance and innovation, stood a logistics giant named Buchheit Logistics. For over eight decades, this family-owned enterprise had etched its legacy in the annals of Missouri. The Wright Group was engaged to rebrand the company to communicate its full strength as a logistics leader.

Buchheit Logistics’ new branding captured the spirit of evolution and continuity. A sleek logo, a fusion of classic typography and contemporary lines, symbolized the company’s bridge between its rich heritage and its future aspirations. The rebranding was more than aesthetics; it was a declaration of purpose. Alongside the visual transformation, the company redoubled its commitment to sustainable practices. Fuel-efficient fleets, carbon footprint reduction, and safety became cornerstones of their operations. The rebranding wasn’t just about staying relevant; it was about leading by example. The tag line that accompanies the new brand position is Miles beyond Expectations.

“After deciding to partner with The Wright Group as we rebranded our organization, we were met with a truly creative team that was responsive to all our needs. Their planning and thoughtfulness of the entire process ensured that our project was completed with minimal disruption to our daily operations.”

Jeff Buchheit
President, Buchheit Logistics



SoutheastHEALTH - Washington University Cardiothoracic Surgery Partnership

Goals & Objectives of the Campaign:

To drive awareness that SoutheastHEALTH’s Heart and Vascular Services is now in collaboration with one of the top Cardiothoracic Surgery programs in the nation. Awareness was to be measured by number of impressions and website traffic driven to specific URL for this collaboration and the number of participants attending the press conference.

Creating top of mind awareness for enhanced brand performance based on image and perception data acquired after the launch of the collaboration.

To increase new patient volume to SoutheastHEALTH heart and vascular services.

Statement of Opportunity

The Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis will begin an affiliation with SoutheastHEALTH Cardiothoracic Services. With this announcement we wanted to tout the clinical sophistication of the physicians, clinicians and staff of SoutheastHEALTH Heart and Vascular Services who are now collaborating with a world-renowned heart program.

Our messaging exuded confidence and ambassadorship among community constituents and patients who utilize our heart and vascular services. Additionally, our hope with this campaign was to instill our value propositions of: 1) having a heart and vascular program that encompasses comprehensive, sophisticated services dedicated to providing the highest quality of care using a multi-disciplinary approach to achieve excellence in patient outcomes, and 2) establishing confidence in choice because they are collaborating with the best because we know it’s the best for patients and their hearts - further driving home our service line positioning of why “Your heart is in the right place at SoutheastHEALTH.”

Advertising layouts across various mediums included the campaign headline “Coming Together. It’s What Sets Us Apart.” Prior to the campaign kick-off, we launched a teaser campaign to build anticipation of this announcement. The teaser creative, featured visuals of iconic landmarks from both cities. For St. Louis, we used the Gateway Arch image and for Cape Girardeau, we used an image of the Bill Emerson Memorial bridge. This was a visual representation of the bringing together of our two entities and the marriage of the value our community hospital offers with the innovation and excellence only a world-class university can provide.

Project Implementation

Integrated digital and traditional mediums were employed to help announce this new collaboration with the campaign headline “Coming Together. It’s What Sets Us Apart.” Prior to the formal campaign announcement we launched an integrated teaser campaign including on-line, outdoor and print mediums to build anticipation of this announcement and ask community constituents to join us for a press conference.

Results and Evaluation

  • 205 participants attended The Press Conference.
  • KFVS carried our entire press conference live feed, which had never been done before in the market.
  • The television campaign reached 300,000 Adults 18+ in our market with a population of 367,506.
  • Digital ads ran on KFVS 12 on-line and reached 1,092,083 impressions and had 1,525 clicks to the video on our landing page which housed the formal news announcement.
  • 425 positive comments were received from public constituents via the Southeast Missourian’s on-line press release
  • Facebook posts reached over 21,000 people and had 93 shares. The video announcement was viewed 2200 times.

Creative Execution



Toyota Group North America (TGNA) Recruitment Campaign


Toyota Group North America (TGNA), headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, stands as the North American hub for Toyota Gosei manufacturing plants, overseeing operations across the continent. Tasked with addressing labor challenges, TGNA partnered with The Wright Group to develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy for multiple locations, including New Albany, Indiana; San Antonio, Texas; Batesville, Mississippi; Henderson, Kentucky; Lebanon, Kentucky; and Perryville, Missouri.

Campaign Overview:

The recruitment initiative centers around TG Missouri (TGMO) as the flagship, with strategies tailored to meet the unique needs of each location. The goal is to create a cohesive brand image while making necessary adjustments based on demographics, language, and geography.

Demographic Target:

  • Males and females aged 26-45 with children at home.
  • Emphasis on financial stability, with competitive benefits adding $8.00 per hour to the hourly wage.
  • Target household income of $60,000 per year, assuming both parents work outside the home.
  • Geographic and Psychographic Targets:
  • Targets living within a 30-minute commute to manufacturing facilities.
  • Aimed at achievers entrenched in local communities with strong family values.

Media Mix:

  • Social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Broadcast through radio and television
  • Digital streaming
  • Digital outdoor advertising
  • Out-of-home marketing
  • Geofencing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM-SEO)

Alpha Media Search

  • 81,826 impressions
  • 4,452 clicks
  • 5.44% CTR


  • 2,180 TV airings
  • Display - 405,507 impressions 958 site visits
  • Addressable display - 50,099 impressions, 110 site visits
  • Streaming TV - 88,209 impressions

Digital Outdoor

  • 1,116,588 delivered spots


  • 1,600 Spot Impressions

Web Traffic (Vanity -

  • Sustained traffic over the last 12 months.
  • Facebook Engagement:
  • Impressions: 2,214,915
  • Reach: 336,271
  • Link Clicks: 18,298

Broadcast and Display:

  • Display Impressions: 505,507
  • SEM and Geofencing:
  • SEM Clicks: 2,758 (Impressions: 239,604)
  • Geofencing Conversions: 1,204 (Impressions: 150,000)

Web Traffic to Site:

29,000 applicants visited the vanity site over the course of 12 months. is the only on-line access point used with our integrated marketing strategy. Specific details of pages viewed, language and user behavior can be delivered upon request.


The campaign, ongoing due to labor shortages, has demonstrated success in various channels, including social media, SEM, and geofencing. While challenges persist, the collaborative efforts between TGNA and The Wright Group have yielded promising results, engaging the target demographic and communities across diverse locations. Continual refinement of tactics remains essential for success in the dynamic talent acquisition landscape.

Creative Execution



Broussard’s Authentic Cajun Cuisine


Broussard’s Authentic Cajun Cuisine, a burgeoning restaurant chain rooted in the heart of the Midwest, embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize its brand presence and capture the palates of a diverse consumer base. With two thriving stores and ambitious plans to expand by six additional establishments by 2030, the restaurant faced both triumphs and challenges in its culinary venture.

In 2021, the second store, located in Paducah, KY, achieved remarkable success by surpassing sales records set by the flagship store in Cape Girardeau, MO. However, the elation was short-lived as operational challenges and sub par consumer experiences triggered a rapid decline in revenues. Compounded by a less-than-stellar health department rating, the brand found itself at a crossroads in late fall of 2022.

Campaign Overview:

Enter The Wright Group, a seasoned marketing agency entrusted with the task of orchestrating a comprehensive re-branding strategy for both stores. Focused on reigniting consumer interest and positioning Broussard’s as the premier Authentic Cajun dining experience in the region, the campaign unfolded across various media platforms.

The heart of the campaign, broadcasted through radio and television, celebrated the authenticity of Cajun cuisine, showcasing time-honored recipes passed down through generations. Simultaneously, a robust social media presence on Facebook and Instagram served as an interactive platform, reinforcing the meticulous preparation of menu items and engaging with the target demographic.

The campaign strategically targeted a diverse consumer profile, spanning middle-class blue-collar workers to upper-class individuals aged 26-55, residing within a 30-minute commute to the restaurant’s manufacturing facilities. Psychographically tailored for achievers seeking a premium casual dining experience, Broussard’s aimed to reintroduce the concept of fine dining to those who had not traditionally embraced it.

The media mix, spanning digital streaming, out-of-home marketing, geofencing, and search engine marketing (SEM-SEO), provided a multi-faceted approach to reach the target audience. The campaign, initiated in early December 2022 and extending through June 10, 2023, culminated in a significant surge in web traffic.

Prior to the promotion, the average number of weekly users stood at 1200. However, the peak of the promotional period witnessed a substantial increase to 2657 users, reflecting a notable percentage surge. Post-promotion, the average number of users stabilized at 1700, showcasing a sustained boost. The campaign successfully garnered 100,000 new users, marking a significant expansion of Broussard’s on-line presence.

In summary, Broussard’s Authentic Cajun Cuisine, in collaboration with The Wright Group, not only overcame operational challenges but also revitalized its brand image. The campaign’s success is evident in the increased web traffic, demonstrating a renewed interest in the restaurant’s authentic Cajun offerings and positioning it as the go-to premium casual dining experience in the Midwest.

Traffic Patterns during Promotion:

  • Total web traffic for the promotional period increased significantly.
  • Average number of weekly users prior to the promotion: 1200.
  • Largest peak in weekly users during the promotion: 2657 (+121%)
  • Average number of users after the promotion: 1700 (+41%)
  • 100,000 new users created, marking a substantial expansion of the on-line presence.

Additional Grassroots marketing programs were created during the promotion:

  • An ambassadors program was created to incentivise co branding affiliates to distribute discounts and receive rewards.
  • Sampling program to encourage catering and event marketing at the restaurants.
  • Video series showing customers how the authentic recipes are prepared.

Ambassadors Program:

  • Objective: Increase brand awareness and drive sales through co-branded affiliate partnerships.
  • Mechanism: Incentivize individuals or businesses to become brand ambassadors by offering discounts for their audience and rewards for successful sales or conversions.
  • Benefits: Leverage the networks and credibility of affiliates to reach new audiences, potentially expanding the customer base.
  • Sampling Program:
  • Objective: Increase brand exposure and customer engagement by offering samples of your products.
  • Mechanism: Implement a program that encourages catering and event marketing at the restaurants, allowing potential customers to experience your products in a real-world setting.
  • Benefits: Generate word-of-mouth marketing as attendees share their experiences, potentially leading to increased foot traffic and sales.

Video Series:

  • Objective: Educate and engage customers by showcasing the preparation of authentic recipes.
  • Mechanism: Create a video series that highlights the cooking process, ingredients, and the cultural aspects of your recipes.
  • Benefits: Build a connection with your audience, showcase the authenticity of your brand, and provide valuable content that can be shared on various platforms, enhancing brand visibility.

Combining these programs creates a comprehensive grassroots marketing strategy that taps into different aspects of customer interaction. It covers on-line and offline channels, leverages influencers and affiliates, and provides engaging content for your audience. Additionally, these programs can work synergistically, with the ambassadors program driving on-line sales, the sampling program boosting in-person experiences, and the video series enhancing brand storytelling.

Creative Execution


Web Statistics - Soft launch started in December promotional period ended in June


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